we are a buyer of stocks of clothing, children clothing and shoes.

A buyer of stocks of clothing, children’s clothing and shoes? It doesn’t matter whether you are a shop, wholesaler, auction house or distributor: you have to find a reliable buyer of clothing. Because how do you get rid of such a stock for an acceptable price? And how can you be sure that the stock is offered through a channel or in a region that does not compete with your own business? Thats why we are here, your professional buyer of clothing, shoes and accessories

Buyer of leftovers from different sources.

As a buyer of stock lots and leftovers, we buy stocks of clothing come from the most diverse sources. Think of factory batches, residual items, balance clearance or clothing from bankruptcies and liquidations. But you also have end series, series overstocks, B-choice items and warehouse remnants.

Clothing that can no longer be sold due to error and defect.

Some ranges of clothes or shoes are no longer available for sale in stores due to manufacturing defects and micro-defects. They have suffered damage from the fitting, or perhaps a manufacturing defect, sometimes clothes and shoes may have appeared in color from being in the shop window. It doesn’t matter what type of damage the stock leftovers have, stock2be ensures that even those clothing and shoes will get a new home.

Shop retours no longer in perfect condition

Shop returns? Everyone with an online store has to deal with it. Consumers who send back what they articles they don’t like do not like, but in the meantime they have tried on the clothing and it is no longer in perfect condition after shipment. As a buyer of leftovers and stock lots, we always find a solution.

3 steps towards a soluction

Rest assured, our specialty is buying stocks of clothing and finding a suitable new customer or destination for it. We provide a first-class service for new-chance clothing.

  1. Fill in the information form on our contact page
  2. You will receive a proposal with both price and sales channels and regions
  3. We pick up the stock with our own transport – within 24 hours

Buyers and seller of stocks and leftover clothing and shoes. for who?

Do you have a shop and do you have a stock or leftovers of clothing, shoes or children’s clothing? For example, because a new fashion season is starting. Because certain fashion items are no longer in demand. Or because the clothes have been in your storage for a while.
More info about our buying service for retail.

Do you produce a brand and are you looking for a new destination for fashion items? Do you have a large webshop and would you rather not have branded clothing offered in the local market through outlet shops?
More info about our buying service for retail.

Interesting or any questions?

Do you have goods or leftovers that could be of interest to Stock2be? Please feel free to contact us without obligation.
Our expert will help you as soon as the can.
You can always count on our discretion and professionalism!

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