Buyer of stocks clothing and shoes for retail and online shops.

Do you have a retail or online shop and have stock of shoe or clothing that are simply in the way or clogging up your storage space? Or maybe you are in for a new adventure and its time to get ride of your leftover collection.

Than you are at stock2be on the right adress!

We give your stock a new home.

I guess you wanna know more about how we work and what we buy.
Below you will find the lots that we purchase as a buyer of stock2be:

What kind of leftovers or stocks does a buyer of clothing and shoes buy?

We are buyers of:

- lots of men's clothing and shoes
- lots of women's clothing and shoes
- lots of children's clothes and shoes
- lots of handbags
- lots of accessories
- parties lingerie
- lots of designer clothes
- damaged clothing or choice

how does a buyer of stocks clothing and shoes work ?

As a buyer , we first need information from your overstock .
You can consult our form and answer the questions, with this information we can already make a rough estimate about your batch.
If necessary, we come to you to estimate the stock.
All this free of charge and without obligation!
As soon as we come to an agreement, a date will be scheduled for collecting the goods.
All lots are paid before collecting the goods.

Don’t leave your stock behind and contact us today, together we work on sustainability.
View our work for Sustainable

Buyers and seller of stocks and leftover clothing and shoes. for who?

Do you have a shop and do you have a stock or leftovers of clothing, shoes or children’s clothing? For example, because a new fashion season is starting. Because certain fashion items are no longer in demand. Or because the clothes have been in your storage for a while.
More info about our buying service for retail.

Do you produce a brand and are you looking for a new destination for fashion items? Do you have a large webshop and would you rather not have branded clothing offered in the local market through outlet shops?
More info about our buying service for retail.

Interesting or any questions?

Do you have goods or leftovers that could be of interest to Stock2be? Please feel free to contact us without obligation.
Our expert will help you as soon as the can.
You can always count on our discretion and professionalism!

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