Professional buyer of overstocks for wholesalers.

Hello wholesalers

Are you a wholesaler or do you have a production house that has to deal with overstocks, leftovers from overproduction of clothing or shoes?
Do you have too little space due to the leftovers of clothing or shoes from previous seasons that are getting in your way? Or maybe canceled orders due to bankruptcies or financial conditions?
We buy overstocks of clothing and shoes. It doesn’t matter whether if it is an old stock or from previous year, what we mainly want is to work together to prevent the waste of overstock clothing and shoes and to give them a new home.
If you agree with our vision, let’s work together.
Of course there are many other benefits of selling your unsold goods, but first I wil tell you what we buy.

What kind of overstocks of clothing and shoes does stock2be buys?

We buy:

Children’s clothing and shoes
Men’s clothing and shoes
Women’s clothing and shoes
Sample collections
B choice

We buy everything that is taking up your space and not in use anymore(dead goods). Together we work against waste and saving, through recycling your old stock and helping others in need by offering them affordable clothing and shoes.

Do you share our vision? Then join our family!

we make a living by what we get, but make a life by what we give

winston churchill

Why sell your overstock clothing and shoes to stock2be?

Occupied storage space

Declutter your storage. Stockage of old stock is not profitable and occupies a lot of space in your warehouse or depot which takes the place of inventory that is in demand and can be sold off at a high rate of return thereby driving revenue and business growth.

Reduce staff cost

Putting staff to work on overstocks (unsold goods) is not only unproductive but it represents a major cost from packing the goods, organising your storage place, to arranging sales.
That’s why we are here for you to take all your problems away, create space and let your staff work more productively

Optimising your brand to the max

Getting rid of your overstock means more time to optimise your brand or goods so you can focus on marketing, communication, social media and keeping up with the new technology of today for your upcoming collection.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new


Are you ready to sell your overstock?

We buy your unsold goods, overstocks or leftovers, whatever you wanna call it.
Are you a large wholesaler and do you want to make use of our services at regular intervals? Then we propose to put the collaboration in a monthly contract – useful for your planning and your budget. We are happy to negotiate a cooperation agreement.

Buyers and seller of stocks and leftover clothing and shoes. for who?

Do you have a shop and do you have a stock or leftovers of clothing, shoes or children’s clothing? For example, because a new fashion season is starting. Because certain fashion items are no longer in demand. Or because the clothes have been in your storage for a while.
More info about our buying service for retail.

Do you produce a brand and are you looking for a new destination for fashion items? Do you have a large webshop and would you rather not have branded clothing offered in the local market through outlet shops?
More info about our buying service for retail.

Interesting or any questions?

Do you have goods or leftovers that could be of interest to Stock2be? Please feel free to contact us without obligation.
Our expert will help you as soon as the can.
You can always count on our discretion and professionalism!

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